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bar lounge

happy hour

Hours: 4 - 8 pm

Menu: Food 580yen ~, drinks 350yen ~


Dinner and drinks

Hours: 6 pm - 11:30 pm

Menu: Food 580yen ~, drinks 350yen ~



Discover local breweries and brands

Our bar lounge's menu is an entirely "Made-in-Japan" menu, featuring Japan's best brands of sake, beer, wine, and liquor. Our menu is carefully curated and maintained by a Japanese sommelier by the name of Kota Narusawa, who is the general manager and chief sommelier of TOYO restaurant located in Tokyo’s Midtown Hibiya. 

Many of the brands featured at our bar are not available outside of Japan. Come downstairs for a night of discovery of local flavors. If you're lucky, you may encounter a live music performance by traditional Japanese instrumentalists. 

bar lounge taian - hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 16:00 - 23:30  |   Mondays & Sundays: Closed

Event Space

You can book our bar lounge TAIAN for events. If interested, please inquire at

Event Space

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